Flying Blind

Justen Russell and Oliver Brooks





Navigate in the dark using only your ears. Avoid moving obstacles and electric fences to find your shouting target.

Flying Blind was a prototype game developed over the course of five days as part of a self-organised game Jam to learn Unity and present a finished product. The game is intended to be playable without graphics. 

It was programmed in C# using the unity engine.


W/S or Up/Down arrow keys for move forwards and backwards. A/D or Right/Left arrow keys to rotate. Headphones are recommended.

Hit Esc at any point to access the menu.

Behind the game

As a first attempt at game design using unity, Flying Blind is rough around the edges.

It was an exercise in discipline more than anything else, producing the minimum deliverable content under s tight time constraint while learning a new a new system.

The idea for a game without visuals, where the user navigates by sound alone, led us naturally to think about bats (some of whom do have good vision). We had grand ambitions that it could be partnered with conservation efforts to spread awareness about an often underappreciated family of mammals. Of course, before partnerships could be considered, we needed a proof of concept to prove the game would even be playable, and that we could program it.

Under the time constraints of a game jam, the idea of chasing insect sounds and running from owls had to be dropped for pitch shifted dialogue–but they will return if this project is developed further.